::The Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving

The Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving


... is an organization of like-minded skydivers who have made at least one naked skydive. The goals of the SANS are to promote naked jumping and give members a way of proclaiming that they are part of the naked jumping community.


... is the word is French for "without", as in without clothing. For the purpose of a definition, nude from elbow to elbow and neck to knees. Obviously the parachute harness is allowed. Safety items like helmet, goggles, gloves, altimeter, and footwear are also permitted.


... to join The SANS is open to anyone who has EVER made a naked skydive. Any naked jump from an aircraft is cool. Tandem jumps or student jumps that have been made "sans" qualify. Jumps from the past qualify, as long as they were naked.


... is not about naked pictures. Sorry if Google got you here and you were expecting to see more.


... do we jump naked? The concise answer is "Because we can." Each individual jumper has their own specific reason for skydiving sans-jumpsuit. The fact of the matter is that whatever the reason, we have the ability and the fortitude to make that leap.