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5-way - New York

10-way - Montana

A. Leathern - New Jersery

3-way - Germany

C Day - Texas

J Moran - Nevada

J Määttä - Finland

5-way - Arizona

7-way (eventually) - Hawaii

R. Morton - California

P. Collins - Ontario

4-way - Colorado

5-way - Texas

100th Jump - M. Bailey - Australia

5-way - North Carolina

K. Warren - Canada

M. Rickert - Florida

R. Warren - Florida

M. Nicolls - Colorado

H. Smilh - UK

17-way - California

B. Faenza - Colorado

P. Kessler - Hawaii

JH - Portugal

H. Buhrkall - Denmark

M. MacColl - Kenya

M. Watson - Florida

M. Watson - Florida

V. McMahon - Ontario

SANS Bat Hang

gillybean do europe

gillybean do europe

gillybean do europe

C. Morgan - Louisiana

World Record Nude Skydive - Elsinore - October 1, 1977

Photo by Mike (M. Anderson) Jenkins

Jumpers include Criss Morgan, Tim Long, Steve Stewart and Bill Stage. You can also see Al Frisby, off to the left and below the formation. We actually made several nude jumps this day, and the one just prior to this one was 12 women and 12 guys. It was a sort of clusterf**k because one of the guys made one of the girls angry by grabbing something he shouldn't have grabbed and all of the girls got so mad that they refused to get into this formation and refused to go up on another load. So we got a few more guys and talked them into going on the load.

C. Schilpp - California

High Society magazine - March 1981

P. Olsen - Wisconsin

C. Svobota - Illinois

C. Svobota - Illinois

J. Collins - Wisconsin

T. Buege - Germany

C. Lloyd - Colorado