::The Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving

SANSFormation Skydiving Records


SANSFormation Skydiving Records recognize relative work records within the SANS community. A SANSFormation is accomplished when a group of naked skydivers get together in freefall. SANSFormations are not slot-specific. Each jumper must be a SANS member, however membership can be applied for after-the-fact and made retroactive to the date of the record.

SANSFormation record holders will receive a PDF record certificate and a "SANS Naked Skydiving Record Holder" sticker (3" x 4.5"). During the introductory period, there will be no charge for the record stuff.

SANSFormation Records also can be retroactive. If 3 SANS members made a naked RW jump 5 years ago, it can be a record providing it meets all of the qualifications.

1. All jumps must be made in accordance with USPA BSR's or national equivalent for a non-USA record.
2. All jumpers must be naked - Neck to knees, wrist to wrist.
3. Each jumper must be a SANS member, either at the time of the record or retroactively.

How to submit a SANSFormation record

All it takes is an email to dawson@thesans.org.

In the email we'll need the following:

  1. State
  2. Date of record
  3. Location of record
  4. Number of naked jumpers
  5. Names of jumpers (All record participants must be SANS members)

SANSFormation Skydiving Records by State

The records